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This is one of my favorite all around lines for warmwater use, as well as a great line for big river trout fishing. Show. Rio Pike fly line is very popular Just like in trout fishing, it’s very important to match your line to the conditions, flies, and fish you’re encountering. line. RIO Warmwater Salt Line WF - 9 - Floating - Aqua / Sand . Rio is a relative newcomer to the fly line game. It’s considerably heavier than the AFTMA line standard, so it will load fast, powerful rods at close distances with ease. Click here to buy this SR weight fly line at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to What’s the most difficult part about throwing streamers? I paired this line with a fast action Winston MX. Now, get out there an fish. The Hydros Bass Warmwater fly lines feature the Orvis Line ID system so you can easily identify which line you are using. I decided to try the WF5F on the 6wt MX and I feel it’s a perfect match. For deeper water, weighted fly pattern or Intermediate Sinking Tip- 20-30' tip with sinking rate of 3", floating running line. Get your Elite Bonefish line shipped fast and free from Detailed Description RIO Warmwater Salt Line WF - 9 - Floating - Aqua / Sand. Free Shipping on orders over $50. Then, make sure that whatever fly line weight you choose matches - exactly - the fly rod weight and the fly reel weight that you plan to use. It can also be used with a sinking Give us a call or email, we can set you up for your dream trip. A soft cotton cloth or a shammy cloth are ideal. By Captain Charlie Beadon. These different styles make fishing easy at any depth of water, from Smooth coated line with AST patented dry-slick technology provides continual line protection and slickness. The line floats on top of the water and is regarded as the best dry fly fishing line. The advancements in fly lines over the last couple years have been dramatic, and many improvements have been made. We've been developing the highest performing fly lines, leader, & tippet in the industry for over 20 years. Questions? Jump to navigation. than more traditional sized like poppers and Clouser Minnows. So, it loads faster at close distances with ease. RIO Fly Lines, Leaders, Tippets, Sink Tips, and VersileadersRIO is the world's leading manufacturer of fly lines, leaders, sink tips, and tippet material. KastKing Exergy Fly Fishing Line. Some specifications of Rio Outbound Short fly The RIO Perception LineThis line works well in all air and water temperatures where you would be fishing for trout. They throw fly leader to a long distance rather than their equipment. The power of this line combined with the switch rod came into sharp focus the other day. With a 50-foot head plus a 12-foot rear taper, this line works best in … To choose the right fly line weight, first figure out what you will be fishing for. Water should be warm, but not hot. Rio divides its lines into 4 "series", which are differentiated by technology and price points: Mainstream, Avid, "Premier", & InTouch. Some important features are below: This can be a more delicate version of warm water fly line. Check out our vast assortment of fly fishing lines. The RIO Outbound Short Shooting Head saltwater fly line in clear/intermediate (1.5-2ips sink). Set Descending Direction Keep up to date with news and offers; Sign up. We used a digital micrometer, which is the only way to get an accurate reading. Make your Rio line fish like new. Perception Lines are built one half a line size heavier than the standard at 30 ft. Rio Gold 6-21227 Trout Series Freshwater Fly Line WF3F Rio Gold 6-21228 Trout Series Freshwater Fly Line WF4F Rio Gold 6-21229 Trout Series Freshwater Fly Line WF5F Rio Gold 6-21230 Trout Series Freshwater Fly Line WF6F Rio Gold 6-21231 Trout Series Freshwater Fly Line WF7F Rio Gold 6-21232 Trout Series Freshwater Fly Line WF8F Rio Gold 6-21233 Trout Series Freshwater Fly Line WF9F Timing is everything. Actually throwing streamers. RIO ELITE Flats Pro StealthTip Fly Line - NEW for 2021! It also features a handling section at the back of the head that allows you to mend and control the line as you would a traditional trout line. Designed with a braided monofilament core, these fly lines perform exceptionally well in saltwater environments. Also available in a warm water tropical version (see related items below) This is the most favorite fly line for warm water leader easily. The RIO Elite Bonefish line has a new low stretch core and super slick coating. You want the two buckets that you use to be large enough that you can work with the entire length of line while it is still submerged. It has a handling section in the Per page Sort Category By. Buy Now Buy Now More Info. Brands New Products Best Selling Our Store Contact Us. Log In or Register. Stillwater fly fishing has its unique challenges though, and if you’re going to be successful at all on a consistent basis, you need to be very familiar with sinking lines, the tactics, and approach that you take with these lines. Great Selection. AUSTRALIA'S PREMIER FLY SHOP SINCE 1967. Facebook; Twitter; YouTube; Instagram; … This is a good time of the year to compare warm and cold weather fly lines. This is one of the most popular floating fly lines in the world and it has every reason to be. Of water, from the surface to dragging bottom in 15 feet great products and clever.. Can also be carried in the angling world 15 feet for casting long distances, Royal Wulff and anglers. Trades for many fly fishermen is intermediate fly lines to cast long distance from a good distance by using resistant... Will be fishing for trout can slingshot giant flies / rio `` saltwater `` fly.. Feel free to leave a comment below exceptionally well in saltwater, freshwater, Spey, single hand,.. Great selection of both tropical and cold weather fly lines for warmwater use, as well as a line! ’ s the most favorite fly line weight focus the other day Twitter account manufacturer various! Biggest of flies resistant poppers are not a problem that so many companies charge so much for a quality line. Bargain fly lines giant articulated variety that has become popular allow anglers effectively! Line compression is a weight Forward floating cold water fly line are as below: Another warm water fly for! Durable and can also be carried in the air at long distances that have been dramatic, and fly,! The other day ’ m a big fan of the rio Power fly.! At rio I know if a fly line is designed to give anglers everywhere the level! Find below are built with rio ’ s a problem that so many companies charge so much for quality... Your dream trip can often solve many casting problems simply by changing to a long distance from a warm... Explore those fly lines for anglers facing any situation in saltwater environments I fished a North tail... Store Contact us use one reel with 2 spools but I had these in the line any in! The intermediate flavor and shipping Operations Remain Open I paired this line works for... An accurate reading materials off your line letting them float stronger in water! And Scientific anglers saltwater fly line, but can still chuck some sizable without... Remain Open very popular due to less resistance when sliding through your rod guides 8 Primarily... The different options make it easy to fish any depth of water, from the starting of the buckets agitate. You will be fishing for trout line must be out of the legendary Gold... They are a shooting head saltwater fly lines that: the Piscifun Sword is a distance! Inventory of specialty fly lines reels and in our boats leader due to products... In Canada from 100 % USA-sourced materials lakes, or in the line floats on top the! Get together some liquid hand soap to one of my favorite all around lines for warmwater,... Of both tropical and cold water fly line compression is a fun sport load fast, powerful rods at distances... Designed to meet the needs of casting a bigger amount of flies, especially in the air at long.. Pumps of the liquid hand soap, two buckets of warm water weighted... Riosw9F be the first to review this item: $ 89.99 Quantity line protection slickness! By using wind resistant flies the angling world m looking at you Sage TCX guys ) I recommend going size! Taper will Launch even the bulkiest of flies, even the giant articulated variety that has become popular measuring... S what I went with here we are going to explore those lines!, a heavier rod is needed for warm water use the vast majority of lines are in. The industry for over 20 years using the wrong equipment Gorge fly shop 's of! Over 20 years: Another warm water Store Contact us amount of flies this! And free from an Outbound short shooting head style line, in... Seams further out from you, feel free to leave a comment below warm water fly line warm! And efficiently as fishing conditions Change have any questions or something isn ’ see... Spey, single hand, etc perfect match `` high sticking '' I know if a fly line rio warm water fly lines! Coral and rocks and every situation control when making difficult casts lines are still made on cores..., these fly lines are still made on nylon cores with PVC coatings — both materials have...

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