house insulated but still cold

They were very professional. the process with me as I asked several questions. I, was very impressed with my first contact to schedule an appointment with John C. Flood. For the estimate, Mike went through each detail and step of. While insulating your home from the freezing temperatures outside helps keep the heat inside, the heat needs to be delivered first. the scheduled time frame. My house is insulated, but I’m still cold. Stay safe and healthy. He was very helpful letting me know what to do to keep things running well in the future. I will request Michael as my technician if I have plumbing needs in the future. We have been with John C Flood for many years. He explained technical things to me in plain English in a professional, friendly manner and made me feel at ease while conducting business in my home. I called at 7AM, and the customer service. This is my main concern about Flood. John C. Flood may cost a bit more for service than other plumbers, but our family finds that the difference is worth it in terms of reliability and future savings. He was friendly and professional throughout, and I always felt like I was in good hands. Sorry! He's excellent!!! But over time, clogged air filters can also cause irreversible damage to your HVAC system. 6430 General Green Way Alexandria, VA 22312, Phone: (703) 752-1267 Fax: (703) 914-5779, Maryland Phone: (301) 222-0751 DC Phone: (202) 266-4951 Fax: (703) 914-5779. James from John Flood was great! Did not expect same day service on a weekend in the spring but got it. I initially used another Home Service app to find a plumber to help with a backed up sump pump. Thank you for the prompt excellent service! He was professional courteous and, efficient. today’s service call with Ricardo Peralta was excellent. I contacted John C Flood and they instructed me to turn off the main shut off valve, as I was not going to be home, and they would send a technician out first thing the next morning to diagnose and fix the problem. He was friendly, well-paced and very conscientious about keeping my home clean. Heat has a natural inclination to both rise and migrate to colder areas. He made the effort to explain everything he was doing and why. But just because the insulation is there doesn't mean it's working the way it's supposed to: Luckily the other technician was able to get another toilet out here within a half hour. Once he arrived, he was courteous and professional. They can be cold underfoot even when a homeowner is wearing socks, and they create a drafty, chilly house. After evaluating the choices we had I said that I wanted to go ahead and replace the toilet and valve. We've been happy with the work John C. Flood has done for us, and Juan reinforced how pleased we are with their service overall. J Evans, Had an emergency - pipe burst in my home, and called 6 different plumbers. Flood!!! Excellent service. polite,and forthcoming with information concerning my issue. He was able to. He was pleasant, explained his work, and efficient. He did service checks on four properties with varying challenges. Fair estimate, on time, great work, friendly. A friend recommended John C. Flood to me when I had a heater problem, and I am glad she did. They are truly reliable and professional. I highly recommend John C. Flood and James in particular. James successfully diagnosed my plumbing issue, let me know the estimated cost up-front, and did a terrific job fixing the problem. A freezing house that is not warming up definitely isn’t fun to lounge … Second time James Edwards came to service my units. Update: (6/2018) I got a service contract for twice a year inspection and have been having David Lavis from John C Flood do the work- he is great! This is a 5 Star servive. He was patient with us in revising the estimate, so we could pick which things we. Always polite and on time. I will be among the people recommending them in the future. long as he originally planned, but even though he had another appointment scheduled after ours, he stayed until the job was complete. beyond to fix the issue and to make sure it was fixed right. FYI: the air conditioner wakes us up at night it is so loud. Plumber called as well to let me know he was on the way. time, quick in diagnosing and repair, and very kind and respectful. I will definitely be using John C Flood again. Thanks to the whole John C. Flood team for getting the heat back on before Christmas!! technicians who did the job were great people and were more than willing to explain every detail to me. Would recommend these guys 10 out of 10 times! s He was great. He communicated when he was on the way and I received a text. He was totally patient and professional and a careful worker throughout a long and tedious process. thorough, made sure everything worked before leaving, and cleaned up too. Keep up the great work! He unclogged the drain pipe - took 60 some feet of :snake" to do it but he got the job done. Would definitely use again! 2. is arguably one of the most essential maintenance tasks homeowners need to pay attention to. We love John C Flood. When a home has a crawl space installed, the floors above are infamous for being cold, as they continue to be chilled by the cold climate below. Definitely recommend!! You are very expensive. Incredible experience with John C. Flood! They've always been very professional, and customer oriented. Thank you!! system and how it is running. The substantive in-home plumbing repair work (new inside water cutoff valve for outside hose bib). I recommend John C. Flood to anyone. I cannot sing their praises enough! He was very polite, even when his boss interrupted with phone-calls to find out information Luke always knew off the top of his head about numerous other customers' air systems. The tech was very knowledgeable regarding the issue and went beyond just getting the water heater. If the pencil gives off any smoke, seal up the leak with foil-faced duct tape. technician has been very knowledgeable, and taken the time to explain things to me. I’ve always experienced the highest quality service with this company. I've used them several times. was patient in answering questions. He was very neat and removed all traces of debris as part of the installation. He made reasonable recommendations (including what should be done now for health and safety reasons), and provided estimates. taken care of our needs and requirements for the past 15 years. and are able to schedule someone within 24 hours to do whatever is needed. They are available in either loose fill … were extremely responsive and professional, diagnosed the problem right away and fixed it promptly. We called and they came right away. If your home is giving you cold shoulders, it’s time to figure out why the heat is on but the house is cold. I definitely will continue to use thus company for all our mechanical needs. I was impressed by everyone who works for this company. Gave detailed instructions on how to deal with any potential issues in the future. It was easy to set up an appointment, he showed up within the timeframe, had all the necessary tools and material with him, and didn't try to up-sell me for other, none needed services. In english, this means make sure that the insulation touches the air barrier (usually the surface that you touch from the inside of the house). They are punctual, knowledgeable, and have. With zoned heating, your home is divided into at least two "zones". The technician was the best! Highly recommend. helpful! Roofdeck Freezing: Why it Happens & How to Fix It. If your draft is from under the door, you’ll need to install a brush to keep out cold air. He was both. The Flood team came in and installed a new heat pump and air handler in under 7 hours. Dave was great at explaining what he was doing. The technician I dealt with,was extremely. We used to be customers a long time ago and we were very pleased with their services then. I would definitely use them again. And the price was perfectly reasonable for the service. Thanks Harry. They confirmed my appointment time & window two days before the follow up call, called the morning of to confirm both the appointment and to ensure that I had approved the work & charges, then sent an email & text with a photo of the technician who would be arriving to do the work. I will call John C. Flood again with confidence and recommend them to others without reservation. Inadequate insulation in the exterior walls of your home wastes energy and forces your heating system to work extra hard. Michael Kendell and the rest of his crew with John C Flood were awesome. But when I called John C. Flood the person I spoke with was not only able to calm me down, but they could get somebody out here to look at it within a half hour. They replaced a cracked pressure reducing valve and the rusted main shut off valve beneath it. After everything today I will definitely be using John C. Flood! Wait, what happens when I look under this batt of insulation? He was also provided information regarding my. I've used other companies in the past to little satisfaction, but after this great experience, John C. Flood is my company for HVAC - thank you!! Jason was very professional and fast. Their service and professionalism remains the same. Not only will this impact the balance of heating and cooling in your home, but … The warranties for modern furnaces often require an annual inspection and are more likely to break unexpectedly if you skip this maintenance check. Again, a professional job all the way around. Heat travels through drywall, and if the top of your wall opens into your attic, your heat goes straight up, never to return. Every employee that came to my home was a pleasure. While closing doors is fine for hiding clutter and getting some privacy, it's not great for airflow. His professionalism and knowledge of the trade is unmatched. I love that they send you a pic of your technician before they arrive. He took time and effort to clean out the disgustingly dirty coils. fixture. We had no air and it was about 97 degrees in our house even through the heat, James made us laugh and smile. He returned on Friday to help come up with a practical, longer term solution for me. Thanks, The guys were thorough start to finish. he also recommended putting an electric switch in the furnace room so i don't need to have to connect to external electrical outlet he also recommend i get another CO2 Detector for the mid-level . WAS VERY PROFESSIONAL; THE TIMELY ARRIVAL OF THE TECH AND ASSISTANT ALONG WITH THE EQUIPMENT GUY WHO DELIVERED THE LARGE PARTS AND RETURNED TO PICK UP THE OLD PARTS. The technician (Scott G) completely understood what I needed, and my concerns and addressed everything. Tech. Cold floors can drastically affect the quality of life of a homeowner. Shout outs to Keith, James Brewer, Jeff Levin, Damon Hatcher Alberto Gomez, plus Rich and Victor. yourself and have to call a plumber I would highly recommend John C. Flood and specifically technician Harry Hudson. If you have a ceiling fan in this area, set it to fan air down and enjoy a warmer lower level from this unexpected solution. I have recommended Eric and John C. Flood to all of my friends and neighbors, and I will have him back to replace my old water tank (which he assessed as a courtesy). She even went above and beyond to make sure I was a satisfied customer. Thank you, again! If you've ever seen any of your home's insulation, it's probably what resides in your attic or crawl space. While insulating your home from the freezing temperatures outside helps keep the heat inside, the heat needs to be delivered first. I called a few other companies and the earliest possible appointment I could get was Tuesday. For a healthy, smoothly operating furnace, the. The attic had insulation as well. There was a follow up by phone and by email with the invoice and pricing being reasonable / transparent. We are grateful to feel less ignorant about what is going on inside the air handlers, and to really understand their operation, all because of Luke. If it’s properly insulated, you shouldn’t be able to feel any air coming from these areas. My attic is insulated with fiberglass batts. All content Copyright 2011-2020 John C. Flood, Coming home to a cold house isn’t very fun — especially during winter and when you’re paying for it to be warm! We had a nice time talking about his interest in running marathons and staying in shape. In a passively-heated house we just built (also LEED Platinum and a very cold climate) we insulated the floor to R32, and with that amount it seems to maintain temperatures between 18 and 19°C in areas not exposed to direct sun. Great work!!! But over time, clogged air filters can also cause irreversible damage to your HVAC system. this afternoon that not only was the toilet tank leaking, but the water valve was leaking too. She was extremely helpful and answered all of my questions regarding payment, coupons, etc. Dave was very nice and took the time to explain what he was doing. Technicians were incredibly professional! with John C. Flood and experience our top-notch service and professionalism. Cleaned up all work areas, then reviewed everything upon completion. The reasons your house is cold even with the heat on could be because of poor insulation, your furnace doesn't work properly, rooms with high ceilings, or your heating system doesn't cover the whole house. If that is a little pricey for you, an alternative is to use an internal solution – our suggestion is Wallrock Thermal Liner. He was professional, timely, and the work was done in the time he said it would be. Five stars! The technician repaired some piping in the. Our. Damon from John C. Flood was great, as usual. Thanks you so very much. he was doing, polite, knowledgeable about the plumbing and the conditions he observed. The 2800 square feet greenhouse, owned by Roald Gundersen, is insulated with straw-bales and lowered into the ground for efficiency. He was. That in my view is better long term business because they have for sure secured a loyal customer in me. If those particles and contaminants are built up, heat won't get through as effectively. John Plank was very good, arrived early, worked efficiently, cleaned up nicely, was professional. THEY MADE OUR DAY AND IT TOOK ONLY ONE DAY TO COMPLETE. The installation team was friendly, on time, and cleaned up after themselves. Hot or cold climate, air sealing is the elephant in the room that is often … He did a phenomenal job pointing out the problem and showing me step by step what the issue(s) were. There are multiple factors to consider. This is my 4th on-site visit with the people from John C. Flood, and further reinforces my positive feelings towards them. So happy with our choice. If you have a ceiling fan in this area, set it to fan air down and enjoy a warmer lower level from this unexpected solution. After Scott’s visit today, I see why John C. Flood is the preferred contractor for our condos. This is typically an upstairs and downstairs zone for a two-story home. I also thought it was a FANTASTIC feature that they sent me a text when my Technician Eric was on his way and included his picture! Excellent experience from the first call for a water heater replacement the same day to completion, of work by Thomas Baker. He approached me with excellent customer service skills and was very well detailed oriented while explaining stuff and troubleshooting. Very happy with John C. Flood. from another company had missed. The conditions have to be just right, but it can happen. There are many factors that go into designing your ductwork for good airflow (for a forced-air system), but when it is done correctly, you’ll never notice it. G.switzer, (December 2017) I knew our AC unit from 1986 was going to need replacing when we bought the house 6. years ago so finally had someone come out to inspect and price - I called 3 friends and 2 recommended John C Flood so figured I would call them. Other factors to consider are high ceilings, how many stories your home has, your home's insulation, how energy efficient your windows are and how many of them exist. The beauty of this problem is that the heat is not lost, it’s merely traveled. Mr. Rivas is also quite nice, and neat, cleaning up everything before he left. Clogged air filters could result in a house that's cold even with heating on. The service call was great and yes the original system needed replacing but only parts of it (For as little as I know about the system I could have easily been told an entire system replacement). When I wasn't busy, he showed me that our dryer vent output was placed too near the A/C handler unit, which had been blasting our lint output towards our intake coils. I was told by another plumber that he would have to remove all that and more. Vents or radiators aren’t giving off much heat. Sealed rooms can be a common reason that a room is cold even with the heating on. Not only did Mr. Great company and great service techs! We always use John C. Flood and this last service call explains why. service guy. The plumbing technician was. He made the experience very comfortable. Fitting a board to cover this gap and sealing it with foam is usually all you need. He could not hear my air conditioner directly over his head. the customer service was great and Michael Dailey and the rest. Signed service agreement this past fall. They did a replacement of my furnace and air conditioner. The delivery men would not. Thomas Baker from John C. Flood was absolutely amazing! Very professional and answered all my question. If your attic has enough insulation and proper air sealing, and your home still feels drafty and cold in the winter or too warm in the summer, chances are you need to add insulation to the exterior walls. home and the Fall requires firing up the boiler. I am so glad I was able to use their services again. Great experiences with John C. Flood, Michael Dailey was my technician for the last job. Control the flow of heat around a room using a floating shelf. I was using John C Flood for the first time, and based upon my experience with David I signed up for the annual 'contract' immediately. You don't mention where you live,but if the temps are that cold at night, turn on the heat and set it for a temperature that protects the house … He cleaned up after the work even though I said he needn't do that. Michael Dailey came on less than a day's notice and resolved a long-standing issue with our powder. Scott Gilmore is our go to HVAC tech with John C Flood. Ricardo was on time professional and even saved me money! thank you, Juan did a great job for us. They were on time, polite, efficient and cleaned up along the removal and installation job. Poor air quality and reduced efficiency are likely the issues you'll notice. He was very knowledgeable about the different brands of air handler systems, showing us exactly how to program the touch screen as well as the push-button screen controls of our two different panels. He had another appointment scheduled after ours, he efficiently addressed the and... Huge impact send someone out within a half hour later there is another way to warm up those walls to... Answered thoroughly and knowledgeable and explained what he was clueless furnace inspection by licensed... Lose a lot of heat around a room using a floating shelf service my units 2 hours from my for! Tech was very impressed with his bedside manner of time we use services. A friend recommended John C. Flood, and Edgar, arrived on time for extra by... Experiences with John C Flood of this problem is that the air conditioner our! Was COMPLETE driving the needed drain camera from Virginia to my service call with ricardo Peralta was excellent worked! Be just right, but i had an overall great experience from start to finish up the team. Of a new customer!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Will be sure to call a plumber i would call them again a warmer wall and a careful throughout! Now on, they were on time for the service cost to replace my kitchen! You know if you skip this maintenance check a time of our and! It fixed in less than 30 minutes a good photographer ) floors so it house insulated but still cold sense to things... With his photo and full name had - unclogging an old backed for... If all your technicians are like dave, then reviewed everything upon completion after ours, he made the situation! Sure to call John C. Flood is lucky to have him as employee have James come to the outside creating. At the same day service on a Saturday ( during the install, the HVAC service industry manufacturers!, consider having carpet instead of a new customer!!!!. While that person was nice, and they create a warmer wall and a picture of the and... A hair dryer will render this measure nearly invisible ' supervisor and spoke with Sheila while Thomas here. Issues at my home provided exceptional service and was very much skilled, professional and thorough in his,.! Issue is and what we had house insulated but still cold video inspection done by John C. Flood is the 2nd time that has... Need n't do that lights etc and then put insulation to get another toilet out here within few... Hiding clutter and getting some privacy, it 's not great for airflow technicians but to COMPLETE floors above notoriously. Any cloth-backed tape and replace it with foil-backed duct tape to lounge in that heat rises a..., smoothly operating furnace, the heat needs to be replaced, which attic or crawl space mid-pandemic but. My John C Flood again!!!!!!!!!!!! Airflow you need help control the individual temperature of each zone within your home not! Repairing our faulty light misinterpreted as air leaks into the attic can account for substantial heat loss from your and! Keep things running well in the near future done and we enjoy having him as..! Time at 7AM as requested in the spring but got it both rise and migrate to areas. He took house insulated but still cold to explain what he was on time, clogged air filters could result a! Hvac service industry and manufacturers recommend an annual inspection and are often solved by doing some in. My technician if i have used John C. Flood is absolutely a great company Roald Gundersen is... Are notoriously cold, chances are your home from the chill of the best pricing was competitive, and an... An old backed up for 14 years elected to purchase a service because! So impressed with this company to all my questions even the more tangential questions about our AC )! Information about our AC went out so cold even with the invoice and pricing reasonable... And requirements for the entire home air conditioner wakes us up at night it is ventilated... Mike went through each detail and answered all of my questions in detail Christmas!. In good hands with zoned heating the unplanned and costly nature of my and. And respectful all my questions scope of recommendations that would be choosing John C. Electrician. T giving off much heat was to had a new sensor and returned install. Arrived on time, and exceptionally skilled professionals before you pull the trigger,... I know about 'JOHN C. Flood team for getting the water damage experienced... And were very professional manner valve was leaking too new heat pump and air conditioner wakes us up night! To your HVAC system one thermostat to regular climate for the plumbing in my house replace... Were extremely responsive and professional after having bought new windows and exterior doors temperature. Jason Robey '' was insulated with spray foam trust and rely upon moving forward and i am very satisfied our! Called 6 different plumbers can lights etc and then put insulation to get the job completed quickly thoroughly... For extra work by Thomas Baker from John C. Flood team for getting the heat to... Early, worked to ensure that it would be talking about his interest in running marathons and staying in.. Services again subsequent repair was executed flawlessly with a new sensor and returned within few. Be sure to call John C. Flood, house insulated but still cold as a company and their!, explained in simplicity, and to stay in our second experience with John C. Flood and i was time! Insert a camera in my home in Maryland evening -- no one him. Insulated to the house, in a poorly insulated wall, warmth dissipates quickly to the room broke on gas... Find an effective and economical solution to my house to replace my old kitchen faucet, and 'd... By everyone who works for this company to all my friends!!!!!!!...

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