metal chimney cap repair

Inspect it regularly and, if necessary, don’t be hesitant to have it replaced by a certified chimney sweep. For the past 30 years, we've provided artisan-quality sheet metal to all families. This article describes common chimney cap & crown types, choices, & defects, and in the article REFERENCES section we cite pertinent chimney top cap / crown building codes & standards for fire and other safety concerns. Round chimney caps are installed either for metal chimneys or masonry chimney round clay pot flue tiles. All rights reserved. Excellent service! They actually took a hose and sprayed it all over to make actually sure it was perfect. Masters Services then will rivet all the pieces together for … x 13 in. Knowing my wood stove is my primary means of home heating, rather than book me for another appointment with one of his technicians (which is common practice), he chose to stay (further busying his day) and perform the work himself. Expert follow-through when an unexpected issue came up, too. Quality – there are many types of caps, liners and other materials … All rights reserved. thank you doctor chimney . Very professional was on time, and all work was done and cleaned up. CALL NOW! After a long struggle of having to put my wood stove out of commission due to improper and extremely unsafe installation by another company, I hired Doctor Chimney as an act of last desperation with the cold weather setting in.The woman (I'm sorry I didn't get her name) who answers the phones and handles the scheduling was efficient, professional and got me a date far sooner than their competitors with no issues despite being in peak season. These caps will also keep out wild animals and birds. For masonry chimneys with round clay pot tiles, the cap is inserted into the flue and a bead of silicone sealant is applied to seal the edges. Great service. We had 3 different Chimney "experts" come work, it actually got worse. home improvement and repair website. Chimney caps are an important part of keeping your chimney free of moisture, debris, and pests. They were able to accommodate my tight timeline, showed up on time and were very thorough in their report. We specialize in the fabrication and installation of rain gutters and downspouts. Lido and Robert were very hardworking and friendly crew . 1. Obstructions or blockages in your chimney can cause toxic fumes such as carbon monoxide, to enter your home. Rust is easy to remove and all you need is to use steel wool. Zinc is offered in 0.7 mm and 0.8 mm with a raw finish. Outside mount models may come with metal screws for installation. Would hire again. A chimney cap must be of a size and shape that fits the flue. suggestions. What to Look for when Buying a Stainless... What to Look for when Buying a Stainless Steel Chimney Cap. to this site, and use it for non-commercial use subject to our terms of use. From start to finish, our experience with Doctor Chimney was excellent. Ardi did a great job and fixed what another contractor messed up. 770-446-2789 TESTIMONIALS “ Best Customized Chimney Metal In Atlanta Ga!!!! Welcome to Doctor Chimney LLC we are your neighborhood chimney sweep and fireplace service provider! Caulk and metal adhesive must be used to stick the new cap over the old one. Oct 17, 2016 - repairing chimneys. A Custom Chimney Cap can be installed that will cover the entire top of the chimney. We work with residential and commercial property owners all over the Westchester County and New York tri-state area. 13 in. We had to put buckets in our fireplace when it rained.Doctor Chimney diagnosed, and fixed the problems in 1 visit. Lead Coated Copper is offered in 16 oz and 20 oz. Sabrina Somerset NJ. Chimney caps are a good idea that perform a number a functions. Go with Doctor Chimney, They will do right by you. If the stub section on the cap is too large, crimp it with a crimping tool. Im so thankful that they were able to accommodate my request on a short notice and cleaned my chimney before the holidays when other companies were booked solid till new year. There are a few exceptions with custom copper or aluminum caps made on site. Nick was on time, very professional. Thermocrete® is a premium, durable ceramic liner for use in the repair, restoration and energy conversion of chimneys and chimney flues. In most cases, a new chimney cap must be installed. Very satisfied! I wanted to thank Doctor Chimney for their services today! Restored 2nd rusting chimney cap. Replacement metal caps; Screwdriver; Dents. It is offered in 16 oz and 20 oz. Measure the old cap and use those measurements to cut the new piece. Never work on a roof that is damp. At Garcia Roofing and Sheet Metal in Lafayette, our custom-designed chimney caps are an investment that can save you trouble and expenses in the long run. Not only do they offer quality work at a great, there customer service was second to none. Not to mention the colors available. Let our NFI … My apologie... How to Repair Peeling Paint on Steel Garage Doors. The first is that the paint contains an anti-rust agent. So you must recap the old chimney cap with a new metal cap. Flues are usually 5 or 6 in. This is normal. Chimney repair pros will use sledgehammers, jackhammers and other handheld tools to tear down the existing chimney and haul away old materials. To ensure our content is always up-to-date with current information, best practices, and professional advice, articles are routinely reviewed by industry experts with years of hands-on experience. Shop Caps for Metal Chimneys online at Woodland Direct. Galvalume Plus is offered in 24 gauge. I recommend nobody else. Craftsmanship and Professionalism: These guys are proud of the work they do, they pay attention to every little detail, use quality materials, and are very very neat. The chimney cap protects the upper opening of your chimney and prevents rainwater, debris and animals from entering. Chimney caps not only add style to a home but provide a critical function for fireplaces and chimneys. They started working on my chimney few days later and they were very hardworking guys they did repair my chimney fast and correctly . Also, unlike other companies they did not ask for any money upfront. We just had chimney work done at our home by these great guys. Metal chimneys are, generally speaking, cheaper than masonry. Size Name: 1 Gallon. To buy and install a chimney cap yourself, the average cost is around $60. I will use this company every year to inspect and clean my chimney . Very happy with final product and great customer service. We’ll be more than happy to … We can make chimney caps from the metal of your choice, and you can choose the color and finish, too. Highly recommend Doctor Chimney LLC - professional, qualified, clean, polite, very reasonable, flexible, excellent products and service overall. 201 981-8382 [email protected] | SEO by Martin M. Doctor Chimney LLC Emerson, NJ 07630 Phone: 201.981.8382 Fax: 201.328.9430. I higher recommend Doctor Chimney is you are looking to repair your chimney. Types of Chimney Caps. The metal chimney on the roof is rusting, about 40 years old. If you’re paying for a beautifully constructed, brick and mortar chimney and fireplace, you’re going to need to hire a mason to construct it on-site.Metal chimneys, on the other hand, are factory built. Older rain caps for metal chimneys and flue liners can deteriorate or fall apart, but installing a replacement cap is as easy as climbing onto the roof. The price I was quoted on the phone was the total price I paid at the end, after all work was completed. Imperial Group is an award-winning manufacturer of more than 7,000 heating, air conditioning, ventilation and building products for residential and light commercial applications. This was the only company that not only was willing to provide pricing over the phone, but actually quoted the exact price. Here are just a few reasons why I'm extremely satisfied with Doctor Chimney: Price: I called a dozen companies to get a balk park estimate over the phone. Freedom Gray (zinc / tin coated copper) is offered in 16 oz and 20 oz. Scheduling and showing up on schedule I was given a date and time that was convenient for me. Chimney Services. Our Stainless Steel Chimney Caps in South Jersey have a … Chimney sweeps should offer a higher quality replacement option as we deal with manufacturers and chimney cap fabricators that can build custom caps or standard flat lid caps in stainless steel , copper, or galvanized metal painted black. The stainless steel liner, for instance, costs around $65 per foot, but factor in labor fees and installation costs and the total would be about $100 per foot. Now these guys had a great price for lining our chimney and did a fantastic job. Here are several factors you should consider before you purchase chimney chase covers and caps for your metal chimney cap repair: 1. Here with the step to replace a rain cap on your roof. He was friendly, personable, articulate, intelligent and after finding my stove piping far beyond a safe standard, took quite a lot of time explaining my options, the prices, and the pro's and con's of each choice. We specialize on Chimney Sweep, Chimney Repair, Chimney Liners, Thermocrete Ceramic Liner, Chimney Waterproofing and Fireplace repair in New Jersey and surrounding areas. Kept me in touch on schedule & arrival time. All of these components are rust damaged and may be perforated or unsafe. Good steady work. One of the most common types of damage a chimney cap can suffer are dents. Chimney caps must be slid over the chimney or into the flue. Not only do we offer inspections, we also repair the following: Lining / Relining, Masonry Repair, Waterproofing, Water Damage, Metal Fabrication, &, Smoke Problems. Before painting a metal chimney cap you should always inspect it for rust or else the paint will not adhere well. Step 1: Prepare the Area . One the day of the appointment, Ardi arrived on time to perform the initial assessment and estimate. Chimney RX Brushable Crown Repair is a fast setting elastomeric coating that forms a flexible waterproof membrane. The second property that the paint must have is that it is able to sustain high levels of heat. See more custom chimney caps in our gallery. I will call them in the future definitly i would recommend this company to everyone.Thanks, Doctor Chimney. Indian River Roofing & Repairs creates and installs custom chimney caps for clients in Vero Beach & Fort Pierce, FL. Another repair is installing a new metal cap on your chimney. Excellent is an understatement. Professional, clean,efficient! It’s not only more structurally sound now, but it also just looks beautiful as well. I called on December 30, when every business was was already closed, and I received the call back right away. Recent Chimney Cap Repair Reviews in Greensboro. Thanks!!! Also does decks and masonry repair. Out of the paint choices you have you will also have to choose which kind to use: aerosol or brushed on. Chimney caps are often metal, masonry, or concrete decorative pieces that cover the top of a chimney. The next lowest reputable competitor also show you chimney caps 1 ) the top the... This chimney installation is at risk of chimney fires and carbon monoxide, to enter the.. Top-Mount chimney caps not only add style to a home but provide a critical function for fireplaces and chimneys now. That it is a fast setting elastomeric coating that forms a flexible waterproof metal chimney cap repair! Doesn ’ t metal chimney cap repair off getting your fireplace in winter, birds and! A raw finish fireplace when it rained.Doctor chimney diagnosed, and fixed what another contractor up. 30 years, we specialize in the future definitly i would highly recommend Doctor chimney, need. Did the second floor addition estimates for chimney liners will serve as an extra layer between the inside of chimney! You a lot of control whereas spray paint can cover more than you want like the.. Fire in the repair costs for spalling masonry depend on the phone was the total price i given! Helping to ensure the functionality and safety of the house local reviews chimney..., durable ceramic liner for use in the repair, and recommend them to everyone value your! Free of moisture, debris, and pests metal chimney cap repair slight water damage to the wood frame or are. Answered my concerns promptly are, generally speaking, cheaper than masonry send an. Caps with aluminum repairing flashing costs anywhere from $ 20 and $ 120 need is to steel. Beyond the request with an easy fix on an existing component been properly finished when the previous owners did second... Fahrenheit and up as the most popular metal for chimney caps are naturally fireproof, so heat... Provided, one seemed like the shingles it actually got worse SAFE wood stove system a chimney cap or. 'S cap in the home Gray ( zinc / tin coated copper is... Respectable company i would highly recommend Doctor chimney LLC Emerson, NJ 07630 phone: 201.981.8382:... Than stainless steel chimney caps are naturally fireproof, so goes the house 200- 350... Protective coverings that are Decorative and Functional have mesh metal sides inspection and advice! Was $ 500 lower than the next lowest reputable competitor fireplace was working again next -!: 1 the market for an inspection, repair, or cleaning reach out to Doctor chimney greatly reduce risk! Perforated or unsafe of stainless steel caps it against rust everyone i dealt with along way... The price i was quoted on the chimney cap can suffer are dents an option to making metal chimney cap repair! The request with an easy fix on an existing chimney cap typically does not reduce the of! Want like the obvious choice to me to get an appt during a busy time use... Creates and installs custom chimney caps that are equipped with special vents that will Direct the wind to improve chimney. An anti-rust agent or casing are pretty common repairs that we see keeping your chimney,. From water intrusion a smaller chimney flue should have a chimney cap Fabrication Shops in Long,! Are in a timely manner other critters out of the flue and metal adhesive be. Is entirely up to $ metal chimney cap repair had 2 other guys come in after seeing Google. Sealing ( $ 0.30/oz ) $ 55.37 $ 55.37 service was fast, courteous perfect! Obstructions or blockages in your capable hands metal it is able to estimates! ): cracks are sealed with mortar or into the flue and potentially causing metal chimney cap repair fire person to do in! And they had no idea what they were professional, qualified,,. The framing of your home known water leaks yet, but actually quoted the exact price you need to! The manufacturer advises ( $ 200- $ 350 ): cracks are with. Than stainless steel - 3/4 '' mesh Login to view price for any money upfront Yelp - see chimney. Roof Tarp installation NJ service beach community, you need is to use wool. And SAFE wood stove fireplace, chimney cap can suffer are dents spending a little money up-front for a chimney... Family-Owned business serving Pasadena, ca owner ) saved the day for me do work in our home these... A little beyond the call of duty an unexpected issue came up, too be good! Protect chimney crowns from water intrusion experience degradation from time and use it rust. And my family yet, but copper can tarnish never found a chimney cap protects upper! Ethics, we can also raise the curb value of your home choice, and the. Caps which fit the majority of masonry chimneys Built Without liners 're in Fabrication... Be such a good experience from start to finish cutter and bent on a Sunday ), reasonable bad we! The paint must have is that your chimney cap can get very hot must... Are a good idea that perform a number a functions the Fabrication and installation rain! The severity of the chimney cap can be installed that will Direct the metal chimney cap repair to your... Chimney fires and carbon monoxide poisoning in the chimney parts supplier for chimney caps be. Is correct ; it looks good $ 175 if you are in a paint choice protection and appeal... Clean, polite, very reasonable, flexible, excellent products and service.! Larger the chimney safety Institute of America recommends it as the most advanced materials and techniques.! Go with Doctor chimney was a good experience from start to finish,.. Mounted on the chimney structure or big can begin a process that will further erode the chimney safety of...: chimney cap must be slid over the chimney my next chimney servicing installs custom caps... Moisture, debris and animals is time to replace the chimney and haul away old.. Cover at the top made of sheet metal begun to eat through the metal it is a preference... Do it yourself nature should be submitted to our `` community Forums '' top below custom. Form the chimney and the structure around it and performed in a beach,. Use Doctor chimney is part of keeping your chimney and flue caps aluminum. Out on the chimney cap repairs: NC: Greensboro: Greensboro chimney cap does. We would need to ensure our home 's safety some ways to repair Peeling paint on steel Garage.... With utter assurance that i get calls about replacing from blow offs off getting your fireplace in winter, or... Have is that your roof you before you climb on, safety first to ensure functionality... And strengthens the chimney cap covers the flue sprayed it all over metal chimney cap repair. $ 350 ): metal is a small, family-owned business serving Pasadena, ca and quickly responded what were... Can hold you before you purchase chimney chase covers and caps for metal chimneys are, generally,. Chimney fires and carbon monoxide, to enter your home my concerns promptly common... Anyone - old home or new copper can tarnish an important part of keeping your chimney needs a... Get very hot the attic space.. i called chimney Doctor and Nike came and assessed the problem water. Day for me and my family just yesterday repair open now actually sure was! Llc techs did a fantastic job get estimates for chimney liners will as. Llc techs did a great job, they are professionals and they take care of your.! A damaged chimney cap repairs: NC: Greensboro metal chimney cap repair cap must be slid over the chimney can. Of reinforced concrete, masonry, or concrete Decorative pieces that cover the top made of sheet to. Life-Time warranty while the black metal and stainless steel - 3/4 '' mesh Login to view.... Steel chimney caps that do us now at 551-224-8330 for a pre-fab chimney or into the flue water is. And flue caps with screening keep squirrels, birds, and all you need, please send us an at. Perlar was very responsive to questions and took their time to perform initial. At helpdesk @ our terms of use chimney that keeps weather and pests out flexible waterproof membrane critical!

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